Dundas Peak is known as a popular local spot for photographers and hikers who want to dangle their feet off steep cliffs and push the boundaries of safety… all for the perfect selfie. And it’s so worth it.

I finally got to see the view once Canada’s long winter was over (as you can tell from the lifeless trees). The view was breathtaking but the best and most recommended time to go is in autumn when all the trees are colorful and bright. The view is just outstanding during that time!

It took about 15-20 mins to walk up the trails. It’s not dangerous at all, as long as you follow the path and avoid cutting through the rocks. Also, don’t be like me and wear toms when you go hiking. I don’t need to explain why comfortable shoes are important when walking up and down hills, but there you go.

Overall, it’s the perfect spot to relax. Take some snacks with you, enjoy the view, watch the sunset or sunrise if you want to go at the break of dawn.
It’s not really a visit to Dundas Peak if you haven’t sat on the edge.


And you can imagine how it looks during the BEST season of all time.
Going at the perfect time makes all the difference. If you ever visit Hamilton, Ontario, find out where Dundas Peak is and spend a day out there, especially between September to November. You won’t regret it.