I never thought I’d ever get to do Scuba Diving but somehow, I did it.

The day started early so we had to meet our driver by the reception at 9:30 am. We hopped on a small bus with approximately 20 other people joining us before setting off.

Once we pulled up to the boat, all I saw was open water and my nerves started to kick in. We signed some papers before heading to the top deck of the boat where we had to listen to our safety briefing. The boat then started sailing off to one of the islands where we’d be diving.
The lady went through how to put on the mask and it was disgusting, to say the least. In order to be able to see underwater, you will have to spit (not a little bit, but with all your might) into the goggle mask. They’ll then dip it into the water and wipe the lens. I don’t know the reason behind spitting into it instead of just washing it but apparently, your saliva makes a difference. The oxygen tank that would be attached to our backs weighed approximately 20kg.
“What if I still run out of oxygen and suffocate? Is this the day I die?”
“What if my instructor just swims off and leaves me there for good?”
“What if one of my flippers comes off by accident?”
“Like… what about sharks?”
It is quite impossible to run out of oxygen as there is way too much for anyone to use up anyway. But the instructor did tell us that in case of an emergency, each person has another oxygen tube strapped should there be any faulty issues. She continued to tell us how a little bit of water can get into your mask and you have to hold your nose and exhale hard to take it out. 
As you dive deeper, you may also feel a little sensation in your ears,” she said. Again, you’ll need to hold your nose and breathe into it to relax your ears if you feel some pressure.” 
40 minutes later, we finally reached the island:
We made it to a beautiful remote island for scuba diving. After the briefing, we relaxed on the boat while they prepared our gear. There were about 25 people on the boat with us and only 5 instructors. So you can imagine how long we had to wait for our turn. But it didn’t really matter as we were chilling on a boat with some beautiful views and free lunch.
Gearing up: 
Once it was our turn, they gave us our suits and started getting the equipment ready. The number of gadgets and bolts that they strapped onto me was crazy. I couldn’t even stand up without feeling the weight of it pulling me down. I sat down at the edge of the boat and watched as my cousin was also preparing to get into the water. She was filled with nerves which then got me nervous. They showed me how to breathe through my mouth. My nose was completely blocked because of the mask so I had to keep reminding myself to breathe through my mouth only.
I stood up on the edge of the deck with my flippers and jumped in the water. My instructor hardly knew English so let’s just say I thought I was screwed. It’s a good thing we could only use sign language underwater eh?
As soon as I swam down, my nerves disappeared. I was in awe. I don’t think I could even explain in words how mesmerizing it was. At one point, my instructor waved at me to come down further and pointed at one of the rocks on the ground. He lifted it up and loads of small bits of food came out. All of a sudden, a wave of small fishes came over and swam all around us. It was insane.
The atmosphere was just peaceful and somewhat eery. As I swam around, the only thing I could hear was my own breathing. I saw silhouettes coming towards me and noticed my cousin and her instructor swimming near us. I felt a rush of excitement and a lot of bubbles came out of my mask as I had a sudden burst of laughter. I knew it was her because we immediately started waving at each other under the water. It felt a little weird and surreal at times as it literally felt like we were in another world at that moment. I couldn’t stop thinking about life underwater and the power of God.
To put it in words, it was like being in the cast of Finding Nemo. 
During my little reunion with my cousin, we knew it was time for some photos. In order to stay down, you have to bend your legs as if you are about to put your knees on the ground. Once you do that, your body will naturally stay down for the picture. I had a lot of poses in mind but couldn’t do it without feeling my body slowly floating upwards. The instructor then shot a video of us looking bewildered and waving at the camera.
I signaled my instructor and told him I wanted to go further out, to the point where we were away from the boat. The whole experience lasted around 25 – 30 minutes before we had to head back up.
The only downside to this experience was how badly my ears were ringing despite trying my hardest to follow their instructions. I had to just firm it and enjoy the moment while I was under the water. If I had to come back and do it again, I definitely would. But I would bring a swimming costume as we were allowed to swim in the water while waiting for our names to be called. Instead, we were just lounging around and sunbathing on the top of the boat. Can’t be mad about that.