Bodrum is a district and port city in the Mugla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It has a pleasing contrast between the ancient city, with stone-cobbled paths and old homes adorning all the cliffs, but also a playground for rich Turks and foreign visitors.

Within the Bodrum district, we stayed in a small town called Gumbet. During my stay, I probably met more French people than Turkish people. The restaurants and bars were playing French music and I’ve had countless people asking me if I speak French. I should’ve taken my French GCSE a bit more seriously but moving on…
Turkey has always been on my bucket list. Remember how much I was dreading turning 25 in one of my posts earlier this year? Well, it definitely turned out better than I had expected. One part of my surprise was my cousin flying all the way from Canada, showing up to my birthday dinner, and staying with me for the first week of my vacation.
For the second week, we were in Turkey. Each day felt very long but we loved every minute of it. Here’s a recap of everything we got up to during our short stay.
Testing The Waters


Our first official day in Turkey was spent walking around and seeing what’s in the area. After breakfast, we excitedly headed out onto the streets and went straight to the beach afterward.
There were loads of people waving brochures at us, telling us to eat at their restaurants, and random men shouting “where are you from?” to try and start a conversation. The agenda for that day was to just get a feel of the place and decide on what we should do.
So the first day was spent on the beach. After having some lunch, we sat by the sea and just chilled out for hours. I barely go to beach destinations when I go abroad so you can pretty much imagine how exciting it was to go to an actual beach. Here’s me catching a tan in my favorite baati (Somali dress).



In the evening, we walked through the markets – just to check out the area and see what else would be fun to explore. There is a long strip with endless amounts of markets, shops, cafes, kebab shops, clubs, and much more. Depending on your taste, there’s something for everyone.


City Life

We hopped in a taxi and decided to escape into the bustling city life! The cliffs and mountains we were surrounded by were now replaced with long strips of palm trees decorating the streets, expensive shops, and glossy yachts chilling on a lake as a backdrop.


The traffic was insane though. With a one-way system around the city, you can only imagine how busy it gets during rush hour.

PAUSE: I’m no photographer but once I took this candid photo of my cousin, I knew I had a new job calling my name. If you ever go traveling and need a buddy/part-time photographer (I can’t promise great photos all the time though), holla at me. 😉


Massages, Hammam, and Relaxation

I definitely think when you go on holiday, you’ve got to add a massage session in there at some point. We went to a hammam place quite early on in our trip as we wanted the sun to hit us after a good ol’ scrub. I have to say, the massage was 10/10. I can’t tell you how much the talented lady literally beat me up. She really got into it and used elbows, knuckles, and her utmost strength in that massage. Whew! It felt great but I was cracking up when she massaged my foot ’cause I’m quite ticklish. You really can’t take me anywhere.



Need I say more? With only a walking distance from our hotel, we had a variety of shops open throughout the night. The strip basically had restaurants and gift shops literally EVERYWHERE.


Sea Life
We spent the day on a boat for our scuba diving activity! The most beautiful experience of my life. I wrote a post specifically on my scuba diving experience because it was THAT good!


Spending time with loved ones:


Honestly, the best part about our trip was those moments when we were just … hanging. The fun swimming sessions where we’d try and drown each other, the late-night beach walks, bumping into fellow Brits in Burger King, and making friends that you know you’ll probably never see again!
I definitely need to see more of Turkey. Next time I come to this beautiful country, I’ll make sure I explore Antalya and Istanbul too. Gumbet was fun, but I definitely feel like I didn’t really get to experience the best part of Turkey. Many more trips to come!