Hey, I’m Sawiya :] 

I’m a 28-year-old Londoner & the voice behind this blog. I started writing content in 2011 for various online magazines and blogs, which eventually sparked the inspiration to create my own. This site follows all my adventures, life experiences, and reflections that take me back in time. I see writing as “experiencing life twice” and that’s why my favourite tagline is “in the moment and in retrospect.”

I always try to create posts that are meaningful and filled with emotion. If I feel like I can’t achieve this, then I refuse to put anything out there. I wish to keep as many posts on here that I can look back on. It’s kind of like delving into my thoughts and then written out for you to read. I just hope you’re down for the ride.

Find me elsewhere on the internet on @itsawiya,

love, Sawiya.