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PART 3: C Section Recovery

Nothing would’ve prepared me for the recovery of the c section. With my body still shaking from all the meds post-surgery, I stayed in the recovery area for about 2 hours. From what I can remember, everything seemed like a…


PART 2: Induction and Labour

It was around 8 pm when I checked back into the hospital with my bag, ready for induction. It felt like I was walking into a room blindfolded, knowing that at some point I will be in a lot of…


PART 1: Creeping Pre-eclampsia

For 9 months, I was telling people how easy pregnancy has been for me. How I am one of the lucky ones. Well, it appeared to be smooth sailing but I had no clue what was really happening to me…

In The Moment

Microaggressions at Work

The laid-back nature at a new start-up company (2015) seemed fun at first until something became quite frequent: microaggressions disguised as banter. The role involved writing all content on their website (100+ pages), uploading images, and doing a lot of…



As much as I’ve tried to write about events in my life on this blog, there was one (quite major) event in my life that happened in 2019 – I got married. And since I love reflecting on past events,…


Weekend in Paris

I’m the type of person who genuinely lives for the weekend. The feeling of clocking out of work on Fridays never gets old. But flying out on a Friday is even better. I was off for two weeks over Christmas…

In The Moment

Social Media And Isolation

Each day that goes by, we’re all just kind of stuck in our own routines – work all week, go home and catch up on shows, and see friends on the weekends. That’s my routine anyway. There would be an…


Gallivanting in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is a district and port city in the Mugla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It has a pleasing contrast between the ancient city, with stone-cobbled paths and old homes adorning all the cliffs, but also a…

In The Moment

Where Are You REALLY From?

How many times has someone asked you where you’re really from?   “Yeah, I heard you the first time but where are you really from? …. No, I know you were born and raised in the U.K but like, where…


My Scuba Diving Experience

I never thought I’d ever get to do Scuba Diving but somehow, I did it. The day started early so we had to meet our driver by the reception at 9:30 am. We hopped on a small bus with approximately…



As humans, it’s impossible not to compare things. We compare which fruits taste better in supermarkets. We compare prices when we’re shopping. We compare which online news sources we can rely on. We even compare our own progress with the…


A Look Back on Toronto

Have you ever felt homesick for a place that isn’t even your home? Do you find yourself talking about it, reminiscing about the memories, the friends, the people, and the vibe? For me, “that place” is Toraaaano.