In The Moment

The Writer’s Block

You’re staring at a blank page. Your creativity is gone. Your brain is fried. You feel a headache coming on. You’ve had ideas – but somehow you can’t get into the groove.   I feel you. I try my hardest…


A Year of Unemployment

The best way to describe job-hunting: Throwing your CV into a black hole with the hopes that someone will see it and contact you.  Except you do hear back from them and 90% of the time, it’s a rejection –…

In The Moment

The Numbers Game

Let’s take it back to 2013 real quick. If you’re a real Twitter veteran, you’ll know about the famous #HasJustineLandedYet hashtag. Her tweet in particular became the number 1 trending topic and without her knowledge, the world was waiting for…

In The Moment

The Show That Made Me Livid

Today, I finally composed myself to watch Channel 4’s documentary – “My Week As A Muslim” and I’m just as annoyed as I was when I read the title. (FYI – the title literally sounds like she’s dressing up in…


Two Years On

On this day, two years ago, I was on a flight to Canada to start on a journey I’ll never forget. What started as a random Google search turned into filling out an application and sending off a police check….


My Mother’s Life at 22

After a long day of shopping with my mother, I asked her a question as I drove her home: “Hooyo, how was your life like at the age of 22?” My mother had always told me little snippets about her…